Heavy Damage to BASI Research Airdock

Published by BASI on August 8th, 2016: “A violent storm that struck St. Andrews, Manitoba on July 20, 2016 destroyed the BASI Research Airdock and the Misameg MB80 research airship. The storm generated tornados that touched down 30 kilometers west of the BASI Airdock. This structure had withstood high winds for five years, but a[…]


There’s a Push to Bring Back the Zeppelin

Published by the VICE News on January 11th, 2016: “Barry Prentice has submitted a report to Transport Canada, the country’s transport ministry, urging the government to get behind the old technology as a way to alleviate northern Canada’s infrastructure problems. That means ironing out what he sees as regulatory impediments, and even investing tax dollars[…]

Airships seek new role in North

Published by the Royal Aeronautical Society on January 15th, 2016: “Large global areas such as Alaska, the Canadian Arctic and Siberia have isolated northern areas lacking road or rail access. Other nations with infrastructure gaps include Brazil, sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia where torrential rains wash out bridges and make roads impassable. Air transport[…]

The World of Science – Airships

Published by The World of Science on March 5th, 2016: “The dream of floating up in gigantic airships has resurfaced. Now that aviation fuel is becoming increasingly expensive and emissions threaten climate has zeppelins once again become hot. Cheap, climate-smart and strong proponents want to see them in regular service across the globe. But can[…]

NASA Seeks Comments on Possible Airships Challenge

“NASA is considering issuing a challenge for developing stratospheric airships that can break records in terms of duration of flight at high altitudes. The agency has issued a request for information for this contemplated “20-20-20 Airship Challenge.” Submissions will be accepted until December 1.” By Elizabeth Landau/Preston Dyches Published by Jet Propulsion Laboratory on November[…]