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Our Mission

Low-cost, low-emission airship technology for northern communites through advocacy, research and collaboration
Enable Access

to remote northern communities and developments without rail or all weather road in order to improve the standard of living for northern residents through reductions in infrastructure costs and logistical expenses

Reduce Environmental Impacts

of transportation by reducing air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, wildlife endangerment and habitat destruction.

Support projects & programs

for airship development, including testing of new technologies, cold weather testing, research and development initiatives and demonstrations of current technology.

Develop Strategic Plans

aimed at strengthening the scientific and technological advancement of the use of airships and facilitating membership implementation of those plans.

About US

Membership in ISOPolar Airships is open to everyone
Get Involved! Help bring airships to Canada's North.

ISOPolar Airships was founded in March 2005 as a not-for-profit airship research institute to undertake economic and engineering studies, coordinate demonstrations, facilitate certification tests and other activities that are in the public interest. A consortium approach is employed that gives all the parties the opportunity to become involved in a meaningful way, while excluding no one, including direct competitors. The membership of ISOPolar is broad and intended to encompass businesses with specific interests, as well as individuals with more general interest in the development of an airship industry worldwide.

  • We Organize & Facilitate Dialogue

    between key stakeholders with trade shows and demonstrations

  • We Advocate

    for the formation of Canadian "Centres of Excellence" in airship research, sciences, education and training

  • We Encourage & Support

    the establishment of uniform airship regulations, pilot certification and navigational procedures within Canada

  • We Perform feasibility analyses

    of airship innovations and assist in the building of business cases to help members develop market opportunities.

The ISOPolar Team

Dr. Barry Prentice
Dr. Barry Prentice
Founder & President
Dr. Prentice is a Professor at the University of Manitoba and the former Director (1996-2005) of the Transport Institute. His major research and teaching interests include logistics, transportation economics, northern transport and trade policy.
Dale George
Dale George
Chief Technical Advisor
Dale has won many awards and scholarships including the prestigious Design Canada Award and Ontario’s Premiers Award.
Gary Wylie
Gary Wylie
Office Supervisor
Gary worked as a Manager with CN Rail as and supervised a staff of seven in Prevention and Claim Services, Prairie Region,
Glenn Scott
Glenn Scott
Glenn Scott earned an MSc from the University of Manitoba which was based on climate change research that he performed on the shores of Hudson Bay. He is interested in finding solutions to northern food insecurity and has founded Agri-Arctic Yukon Inc.


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